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SDZ-2Skullcandy Supreme Sound - HESH - Sacred Samari White/Black (S6H46)
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SDZ-2Skullcandy Supreme Sound - HESH - Sacred Samari White/Black (S6H46)

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Product Features:

  • V-Moda Crossfade LP2
  • Soul by Ludacris SL150
  • Sony MDR-XB500
  • Sony DR-ZX701IP
  • Skullcandy HESH 2
  • Beats by Dr. Dre Solo
  • Skullcandy Lowrider
  • Skullcandy Skullcrushers

  • WARRANTY : The Product Comes With 1 Year Replacement Warranty

  • SHIPPING : Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days

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Overall better than average balance of sounds for the price range. I listen to a fairly wide range of music including most types of EDM (electronic dance music), classical, jazz, rock/metal and so on. My main staples of late are drum 'n' bass and dubstep, although a lot of what have become my long-term favorite artists tend to mix the "new" (rock/EDM) with more traditional musical styles and instrumentation... look up Korpiklaani, Amon Tobin, Banco de Gaia and/or Gogol Bordello for a few examples. I'm not a hardcore audiophile (or at last doesn't consider myself to be), but I am big music fan and want my music to sound good when I listen to it. For the most part, this model has proven to be no slouch in the headphone arena, especially given the price point. In fact, these cans have done surprisingly well across the board of my musical tastes.

On bass-heavy EDM tracks like the appropriately-named "Shudder" by Black Sun Empire/Crushington, these headphones deliver a visceral bass that you can definitely feel, while lighter songs like "Bedtime Stories" by Amon Tobin don't suffer from weak treble/highs. I haven't listened to a lot of rock/metal/punk in some time, but I pulled up a few of my favorite songs and they all sounded at least as good as I remember them. This style of music tends not to produce the same levels of visceral bass response that EDM does, but this is true on my significantly higher-end HD280s as well, so the cause is not a fault in these headphones. Because the mids/treble in a lot of EDM can accurately be described as a "whine" or "siren-like" sound, I also made sure to test these with music consisting almost exclusively of "organic" instrumentation... classical, jazz, choral and the like... with positive results. Potentially a superficial test, since I doubt the electronics in the headphones can differentiate between them, but I feel like it'd be easier to notice flaws in the sound reproduction of a poor-quality pair of headphones using this type of music than the heavily-synthesized sounds of EDM. Call it a hunch.


These headphones fit tightly, which I like overall, but combined with the on-ear design makes them somewhat uncomfortable for extended listening. For the first hour, hour and a half or even two hours in some cases, these headphones feel perfectly fine. Strong bass seems like it might exacerbate the issue for bespectacled folk like myself, though, since having the side parts of the frames pressed between one's ear and one's head does get uncomfortable after a bit, even while listening to tunes on the "lighter" side of things/without heavy bass vibrations, although I admit to not having tested this while I had the headphones. I've also seen some complaints in other reviews about the lack of padding on the arch of the headphones, although with the way they fit (on my head, at least) this is a non-issue since the arch only slightly rests on the top of my head. For my uses, however, these issues don't become unbearable, since I'm taking off the headphones before they would start to set in 90% of the time.

Once again, at the price point these headphones are sold at, they offer a solid value in the comfort department even with the shortcomings noted above, especially given the "total package" in comparison to other similarly-priced headphones. I would say honestly speaking, though, that I would have to rate these headphones lower than all the other models tried in terms of pure comfort (although the Lowriders were only comfortable because they were so loose fitting that they fell off fairly easily, so I'm not sure how much that counts).


These headphones are overall pretty decent looking. The 3/4 angle found in most stock photos is certainly the most favorable angle to view these from, with a straight-ahead view being the worst (the cups are almost perfect half-spheres, resulting in a "Princess Leia buns" appearance). One of the irritating things about over-ear headphones in general, of course, is that the better ones do have a tendency to be huge monstrosities that look awkward as heck when you wear them, so it requires some creative design in general to produce an aesthetically pleasing pair. In the end, these have enough style to them and sound good enough that the "buns" effect, while still somewhat irritating, is something I can live with.

Compared to other models I considered, the overall appearance of the Skullcrushers and Sony DR-ZX701IPs are much more to my liking. The lower profile of the DR-ZX701IPs also help to make them more aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion. If it weren't for the other issues, the articulating ear cups and collapsible/stashable design of the Skullcrushers/Lowriders would have been a major selling point for me, as well. The Lowriders I would rate lower due to being /too/ lightweight looking to the point of simply looking cheap, and the Sony MDR-XB500s just look ridiculous, and don't even have the articulation/stashable design of the Skullcrushers and Lowriders.

Height 7"
Width 3"
Depth 7-1/2"
Weight 8 ounces
Headphone Style Over-the-ear
Bluetooth Built-in No
Sound Isolating Yes
Ear Cushions Leather
Cord Length 4.3'


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